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The Delicate Balance Between Being a Dentist and Owning a Dental Practice

Dentist That Owns Dental Practice

It is common for dentists to find the balance between providing care to patients and owning a dental practice; however, it is not an impossible endeavor. Most dental professionals discover that it is highly difficult to juggle oral examinations, professional cleanings, fillings, sedation dentistry, veneers, and whitening procedures with human resource issues, ensuring legal compliance,… Read More…

The 3 Biggest Challenges Experienced by Today’s Small Businesses

Challenges of Dental Practice Small Business

The small business sector is a critical component of our nation’s economy. According to information derived from the Small Business Administration (SBA), in excess of half of the entire American population either own their own small business or are employed by a small business. Additionally, these types of businesses are responsible for creating two out… Read More…