The American Dental of Georgia Business Model

American Dental of Georgia is an association of general dentists that come together under one umbrella in order to best serve their patients by offering a broader range of dental procedures across all affiliate offices.

We Provide The Support You Need So You Can Better Focus on Your Patients

American Dental of Georgia provides the accounting and scheduling of procedures for the practice where they would be able to focus on dental procedures that they perform. American Dental of Georgia will not only offer general dentistry, but will also offer a broader range of procedures for the convenience of patients across the state.

Dentists and Their Patients Get the “Best of Both Worlds”

All practices operate under the umbrella of American Dental of Georgia. The Senior dentist in the practice will remain with the practice, but will have access to a broad range of services that enable patients of American Dental of Georgia to be served equally. Having this consistency allows the patient to receive the same service no matter which practice they walk into.

This is not like the Dental Service Organization models of corporate america. This model is better because patients get the dentist they always had a relationship with and the ability of having the “one-stop shop” as much as possible to provide all your dental care.

American Dental of Georgia


The vision of American Dental of Georgia is to provide complete dental care to all areas of Georgia and give the patient consistent service across the entire state.


The mission of American Dental of Georgia is to affiliate and support existing offices to provide a broader range of dental services across the entire state.

With a concentration on developing these dental offices in Georgia, under one umbrella, this will allow the residents of Georgia to have access to more procedures for dental care on a more consistent basis aimed at covering the needs of all Georgians.