An American Dental of Georgia Affiliation Offers Numerous Advantages

A Superior, High-Class Support System

American Dental of Georgia is a superior, high-class system of distinguished professionals that allows dental professionals to place their focus and attention on their true passion – the patients. Designed by a dentist, this organization tailors to dentists seeking to reach an appropriate balance in their work, and in their life.

Many industry experts find it exceptionally difficult to create, reach, and maintain this balance. We here at American Dental of Georgia know and understand this fact. We understand the difficulty faced by professionals that work in dentistry; therefore, we are highly committed to providing professionals the tools, resources, information, and assistance that they require to achieve success in this endeavor.

We Help With Administrative Details So You Can Focus on Your Patients

Our dedicated, integrated, and diverse team offers a multitude of administrative, non-clinical assistance services that are designed to help dentists place their patients as the top priority in their practice.

Professionals that elect to integrate these support systems into their practice quickly discover that they have the unique ability of developing, growing, and establishing themselves as well-rounded, well-respected, and highly revered in their fields – on both a personal level and a professional level.

All the Support You Need So You Can Grow Your Business

Our focus, our drive, and our work is centered on ensuring that dentists have the support and tools that they require and deserve to achieve success in all of their professional endeavors.

An American Dental of Georgia affiliation is much more than a “membership”; it is a professional partnership that will optimize revenue, increase practice growth, and allow your business to reach new heights, in terms of success.

Affiliate With American Dental of Georgia

Our Mission is Your Success

By partnering with and establishing an affiliation with American Dental of Georgia, you will quickly discover that our mission is your success.

Our network is vast, comprehensive, and intricate. Our goal is to be the standard in the State of Georgia for all dental professionals.

Each partner within our network has the exclusive opportunity to collaborate with others, receive support, offer assistance, and access numerous resources.

The platform consists of a multitude of dental-industry professionals collaborating towards a common cause – ensuring high-quality dental care for patients, backed by positive experiences and a tremendous amount of support.

Your dental practice should be exhibiting the following characteristics:

  • An Attractive Location to Practice
  • A Practice That Includes Space for Growth 
  • Positive and Hard-Working Professionals
  • Dental Professionals Who Are Flexible and Easily Adapt to Change
  • A Strong Revenue Stream with a Potential for Growth.

Move Your Practice Forward Today 

The American Dental of Georgia team specializes in assisting dentists in moving their practice forward. An affiliation with our network will help us help you – starting now.

We work to eliminate and alleviate all of those non-clinical and often repetitive, mundane tasks that weigh down practitioners.

We also gather and provide tools and resources to our partners that will aid in the advancement of their practice.

Consider the following:

  • The American Dental of Georgia affiliation will aid in marketing your practice with only the most effective and productive strategies. 
  • The affiliation provides your practice with a highly knowledgeable accounting team that will ensure accurate reporting of all data associated with your business. 
  • We have a highly-advanced IT team that specializes in providing your practice with the latest and greatest in technological innovations. 
  • Our talent acquisition team will ensure that your team is the best in the business and will provide additional training to ensure optimal levels of success in the dentist industry. 
Move Your Practice Forward

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Your Affiliation with the American Dental of Georgia Network will Also Offer Assistance and Resources in the Following Areas of Your Practice:

Lab Negotiation

Lab Negotiations

Legal and compliance

Legal Compliance & Issues


The Procurement of Supplies



Dental Credentialing




Site Selection

Site Selection Services

Construction Management

Management of Construction

An Affiliation Customized for Your Practice 

An affiliation with the American Dental of Georgia network is typically established within two to three months’ time. This process moves at the pace that is most comfortable for your practice. During the establishment of this partnership, our team will be available in order to educate, guide, and completely support you. As you embark on this journey, our team of dedicated professionals will be readily available to address any questions, concerns, and/or inquisitions that you may have.

Once your practice has completed the transition into the affiliation, each individual in your team will be trained and educated through a carefully designed orientation. We understand the value of your time. As a result, we will deliver this orientation at the location and time of your choosing. Not only are we dedicated to ensuring a high level of convenience for those in our network, but, we strive to ensure that the transition is as positive as possible for all involved.

The orientation process that we offer will provide your practice with comprehensive information on our support, our mission, the vision that we have for your practice, as well as facts pertaining to how the system works. Our orientation leaders work to ensure that everyone successfully learns together and that the bond that is present with your team is strengthened. Your goals are our top priority. We will work closely with you to ensure that your practice is as successful as possible and that you are a well-respected member of the dental industry.

Frequently Asked Questions About American Dental of Georgia

How Does the American Dental of Georgia Organization Expand?

American Dental of Georgia expands its network in numerous ways. These include developing partnerships with dental practices, through a “scratch start”, and similar methods.

It does not matter if your practice is currently a traditional brick and mortar clinic, or simply a concept, we will help you lay the foundation for optimal success.

What is American Dental of Georgia?

American Dental of Georgia is a support organization created by and for dental professionals. Individuals in the dental industry are faced with numerous concerns that are directly associated with the business side and management-specific aspects of the practice.

This support organization was designed to address those concerns and alleviate them from your practice. This organization specializes in providing support from the administrative tasks and non-clinical components of your practice.

Examples of these tasks include – but, are not at all limited to – accounting activities, payroll processes, marketing your practice, and, more. By outsourcing these activities through an affiliation, your practice may place its focus on the patients.

How is American Dental of Georgia Different From Other Dental Support Organizations?

For the most part, dental support organizations are branded based on their name – not the name of the practices that they represent. The American Dental of Georgia organization is different in that the brand is that of the practice, not the network.

Our doctor-led team is doctor-driven. Our focus is in helping dental professionals succeed in all of their personal and professional endeavors. We grow our network through direct affiliations and new practices.

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