Building the Best Team for Your Dental Practice

In every single profession, a solid, productive team is critical to experience success; there is no exception when it comes to dentistry. Communication, the effective handling of administrative tasks, the ability to work together, and the collaboration of unique skills and experiences of each professional within the dental team to deliver high-quality care has a direct impact on the earning potential of your practice and the impact made on the lives of the patients that you serve.

Building The Best Dental Practice Team

Hiring and developing individuals for your dental team can be a challenging endeavor. In this guide, you will learn the steps that are necessary to build the absolute best team possible so that your dental practice excels in all areas – from administration to patient care.

Step #1: Place a Special Focus on Talent Acquisition

As a provider of dental care, you cannot simply “hire” for your team; instead, you must focus on acquiring talent. This takes an investment of time and resources. The goal is to attract professionals that have the educational background, clinical training, and expertise to provide the services that your practice offers to patients.

You must focus on enlisting individuals that are not just “educated” but those that are “passionate” about their careers. You must focus on constructing a team that includes professionals that complement one another – in terms of expertise.

Aim for people that communicate effectively, are reliable, have the ability to multitask, easily adapt to change, and provide exceptional levels of customer care and service. In doing so, you are taking the first step to creating the most effective and well-respected dental practice in your area.

Step #2: View Members of Your Team as an Extension of Your Practice

Every dental practice has a philosophy, a mission, principles on which they operate, and core values. In order to create a cohesive team, you must view members of that team as a direct extension of what your practice stands for.

When you do this, you will find that you attract and/or discover professionals that reflect the philosophy, mission, principles, and values of your practice. This will provide your practice with a well-aligned team that truly makes a difference within the community that you serve.

Step #3: Define the Role of Each Member

When building a team, it is important to view each individual component of that team. In other words, you must create specific roles and unique responsibilities for each member of your dental team. This means that a job description should be issued to each professional and their duties should be specifically outlined.

While many employees are willing to work in an all-encompassing role, this will go against what the “team” really stands for. Each professional has their place in your team and they should know that place.

They should understand the capacity in which you expect them to perform. When they are able to succeed in that capacity, they should be recognized accordingly. This creates a unified front and builds enthusiasm within your practice.

Let Us Help

We here at American Dental of Georgia specialize in offering dental career opportunities and building unified fronts in dental practices. Our dental service organization can help you acquire the right talent, ensure your team members are an extension of what you stand for, and outline the roles and responsibilities of each of your team members.

Additionally, our members can help your practice become the very best in your area. For more information contact us today at: 478-721-1300

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