Dental Career Opportunities

As a dental professional part of the American Dental of Georgia organization, you will have the unique opportunity to join a massive network of industry-specific colleagues who have a strong desire to act as your absolute and most dedicated proponents.

World-Class Support System for the Advancement of Your Career

You will have direct access to sophisticated tools and resources, and a positive and productive environment. The offices supported in this massive network encompass multiple locations; therefore, making the opportunities at your disposal nearly limitless.

Regardless of your current career progression, we here at American Dental of Georgia are committed to your professional growth and we offer unparalleled support to ensure that you reach the highest level of success possible.

All the Support, Tools and Resources You’ll Ever Need

Our Home Office will provide you with access to services that are non-clinical in nature and your in-office team will be provided with a multitude of support services, tools, and resources to render you a successful professional. While partnering with you, you will be provided with mentoring services, continuing high-quality education, and numerous opportunities in leadership.

Catapult Your Career Beginning TODAY!

If you are ready to catapult your career to the next stage and have a desire to experience a highly-rewarding career in the dental industry, search our immense database today for supported career opportunities today!

Career Opportunities

Start an Exciting, Fulfilling Career in the Dental Industry Today

Where Do Your Priorities Lie?

What Are Your Priorities?

In career growth? In support for your practice? In practice location? Or, in achieving a work/life balance?

Each of us takes a unique career path. In most instances, the reasons behind our choice are directly related to the life path that we have taken.

If you are reading this, you already know that a career within the dental industry has the potential to provide a highly fulfilling and exceptionally rewarding experience.

We’re Committed to Helping You Reach Your Goals

American Dental of Georgia is highly committed to assisting professionals that have affiliated with us. It is our goal to help those professionals to realize and reach their maximum level of potential.

We strive to ensure that all affiliates reach their personal goals and their professional goals. The dental industry provides job opportunities with a high level of stability, enjoyability, and flexibility.

Our System Gives You Every Opportunity to Achieve the Success You Deserve

Additionally, there are many opportunities that will help you to take the fast track to the professional-based advancement that most seek. We strive to ensure that you have the career opportunities available that will meet your needs and help you achieve your goals.

Frequently Asked Questions By Doctors

Could You Please Outline the “Restricted Covenant” and Provide Details About its Duration?

A restricted covenant is a type of agreement that allows a network/organization to operate or to abstain from a specific area and/or action.

Dental practices in rural areas typically have a high restricted covenant, while those in a metropolitan area typically have a low restricted covenant.

The American Dental of Georgia network elects to have a high level of consistency when it comes to restricted covenants. In most instances, these last for up to two years, following a practitioner’s leave from their corporation.

What Types of Doctors Does the American Dental of Georgia System Seek to Partner With?

We offer a comprehensive support system for professionals that will help advance their personal and professional growth, and optimize the overall success of their business.

Due to this, we seek to acquire partnerships with professionals that are positive, flexible, open to new ideas, and have a high level of integrity.

Above all, we seek to develop an affiliation with those that have a primary focus of proving high-quality, compassionate care to their patients.

How is American Dental of Georgia Different from Other Dental Support Service Organizations?

We are a doctor-created and doctor-led organization that is driven and led by a unique motto of being highly passionate, exceptionally professional, and backed by proven results.

We believe that professionals should place their focus on their clinical skills, and their patents – not on administrative tasks. We offer a multitude of services, a high level of tools, and continuing educational resources for professionals that seek to take their career to the next level.

We also exhibit a high level of transparency towards our practitioners and their respective teams.

Is Total Autonomy Possible as an Affiliate?

All of the doctors in partnership with the American Dental of Georgia organization are provided with total autonomy. All may diagnose their patients, customize treatment plans, and engage in care with the patients that they serve.

Our network includes an amazing number of dental professionals and if the need arises for mentoring, only a phone call is needed. Additionally, the support team is dedicated to handling all of the administrative tasks.

We never infringe upon your right to make the decisions associated with your practice.

Do I Select Candidates for the Positions I Have Available in my Practice?

All affiliated dental professionals are encouraged to select the candidates for their practice; however, American Dental of Georgia does offer employment screenings, resume reviews, and interviews.

Collaboration reviews are also put into place to ensure that only the best candidates fill your positions. The goal is to make your practice the absolute best; therefore, everyone works together to ensure that you only enlist the assistance of the absolute best, as it pertains to your team.

Are Transitions Acceptable?

While we prefer that all of our affiliated doctors remain at their office of origin for a period of up to one year after joining our network, we do accept transitions to one of our many supported offices throughout the state of Georgia.

Are there set office hours?

Each supported office in our network has their own hours. We encourage our partners to set hours based on the needs and the demands of the patients that are serviced.

On average, most facilities are opened a minimum of 36 hours each week; however, many are open more hours due to the demands of the region.

Frequently Asked Questions By Team Members

Is American Dental of Georgia a Staffing Agency?

We are a dental support organization that places a heavy focus on alleviating the administrative and management-based burdens of our affiliates.

This is made possible by ensuring a large staff of professionals is on hand and available at all times in order to handle tasks such as payroll, IT, accounting, and similar activities.

By providing these services, our affiliated partners are able to successfully focus on the care of their patients, place an emphasis on achieving work/life balance, and engaging in ongoing educational opportunities.

As a Team Member What Will My Office Hours Be?

Team member office hours are predicated upon which supported location you actually join.

Each location has office hours that based upon the needs of its patients.

Is Paid Training Currently Being Offered?

You will be pleased to know that all of the training with American Dental of Georgia is 100% paid!

We offer a multitude of ongoing educational opportunities that are designed to help you reach the highest level of success. While in attendance, you will be compensated for your time.

These training sessions are designed to increase your knowledge, optimize your communication skills, and transform you into the leader that you are.

What is the Compensation Plan and Benefits That Are Being Offered?

Compensation varies, depending on the supported location; however, you will find that supported locations offer excellent salary and benefits packages.

Additionally, American Dental of Georgia’s thorough career training and continuing ed opportunities are second to none. We believe in investing in our team members in order to give them the absolute best possibility of success, as well as personal and career growth.

What is Covered in the Continuing Education Classes?

American of Dental in Georgia prides itself in offering an immense selection of continuing education courses.

These courses are designed to ensure that dental professionals and members of their teams are ready to support their patients and act as leaders in the industry.

These courses have been created by the most reputable names in dentistry and business.

Start an Exciting, Fulfilling Career in the Dental Industry Today