Due to the Decline of Dental Practice Ownership, Dental Service Organizations Offer New Hope Among Practitioners

Recently, the American Dental Association (ADA) released reports from the Health Policy Institute revealing that the overall percentage of dental practitioners in private practices has declined immensely since the year 2005. For those under the age of 35, ownership has declined to 44%.

Practitioners over the age of 55 have observed a decrease in private practice ownership of 6%. Female private practices have seen a 37% decrease. Based on these percentages, it has been concluded that only 80% of all dentists now own their own practice.

Unfortunately, when observing the trends in practice ownership – over time – ownership rates are not only declining, but are doing so at a steady pace.

Dental Service Organization in GeorgiaDental Ownership Still Desired by Most Practitioners

According to input received from practitioners from around the country, most still have a desire to own their own practice.

Unfortunately, due to the increase rates of being controlled by groups associated with hospitals, insurance companies, and various government-based organizations, dentists are not allotted the appropriate opportunities to work for themselves and govern their business accordingly.

Most individuals that go into dentistry do so because of the appeal of owning and working in a private practice.

Not only does this opportunity provide them with the ability to own and operate their practice as they see fit, it provides immense opportunities for receiving higher profits.

Consolidation of Practices

We know that most dentists have a desire to own their own practice; however, the consolidation of practices has become immensely popular over the past five years. The main stakeholders in the field of dentistry are patients and most patients view this consolidation as “corporate-based”; that is, ran for the purpose and intent of making money, rather than ensuring optimal outcomes in oral health.

In fact, it has been established that many practices actually over-treat their patients in order to maximize their overall profits. Patients are catching on to this and they are not happy. In order to make certain that patients are satisfied and that their outcomes are positive, many dental practitioners are now turning to dental service organizations for assistance.

What are Dental Service Organizations?

If you are on the down side of private ownership, you will benefit immensely by becoming part of a dental service organization. These DSOs actually purchase your practice and own the non-clinical aspects of it.

This includes the equipment, the rent associated with the property, and similar components; however, it will allow you to maintain ownership of the clinical aspects of the dental practice and allow you to still employ all of your staff. You will be able to integrate technologically advanced systems into your practice, while providing the highest quality care to those that you treat.

The dental service organization will provide you with the tools, resources, and skills to operate your own practice, while maintaining only a minimal amount of control.

To learn more about being part of a dental service organization, visit the following link today: https://americandentalofgeorgia.com/contact-us/

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