Key Issues Pertaining to Employment That Are Affecting Dental Practices in Today’s World

Owning, operating, and managing a dental practice is a challenging endeavor. You will face clinical issues, financial issues, and issues pertaining to employment.

Regulatory matters, such as the laws and procedures surrounding your employees is likely to be neglected; however, these are the matters that truly matter the most. Failure to adhere to guidelines, policies, and procedures surrounding employment law may result in immense fines, legal issues, and reputation problems.

In this guide, you will be introduced to key issues pertaining to employment law and will be provided with information on how your practice can avoid these problems.

Dental Service Organization in GeorgiaWage and Hour Claims

Most of the wage and hour laws in place today were created a century ago. As a result, they were established for businesses that were nothing like today’s modern-based practices. For example, rest breaks and maximum hours per day guidelines were established for factory workers that experienced less-than-favorable work conditions – not for individuals who today will spend more time on their phones than with patients.

Still, though, your practice is expected to uphold the wage and hour laws that are currently in place. Failure to do so could result in legal fees, fines, and serious consequences for your dental practice.

Additionally, penalties may be imposed from federal agencies and state agencies, such as the Internal Revenue Service and the Employment Department.

Non-Compete Agreements

All of the individuals that are part of your practice will work with patients and providers and develop solid relationships with them. As a result, many practices fear their employees leaving and setting up their own practice.

If this happens, that practice risks losing a large client base and relationships with providers. Your practice may set up and require everyone signs a non-compete agreement; however, this must be done legally and ethically so that it does not infringe upon any one person’s rights.

If these agreements are not created appropriately, it could result in massive financial losses for your dental practice.

Americans with Disabilities Act

If you have at least six employees in your dental practice, you must make accommodations for employees that suffer from disabilities. The government has broad definitions when it comes to disabilities.

For one employee, it may mean experiencing migraines, for another it may mean having fibromyalgia, for another it may mean suffering from depression and/or anxiety attacks.

Accommodations may mean investing money into your practice for these employees, allowing additional time off, purchasing certain items, and other situations. Failure to make these accommodations may result in serious consequences for your dental practice.

Making it Easier

Employment issues challenge many dental practices. It does not have to be that way, though. Now, you can get help with employment issues and all of the other challenges faced by your practice. You simply join a dental service organization in Georgia.

These organizations will provide you with the tools, resources, and other things that you need to succeed in your dental practice. For more information, contact us today at:

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