These days, celebrities feel the pressure to look younger...

These days, celebrities feel the pressure to look younger than ever and they have the luxury of doing so by hunting down the best anti aging products there are on the market. Lucky for those of us that do not have the time or the money to go hunt down these wonderful products ourselves, there are a few listed below. Find out what they are and why the celebrities love them so much.

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One of the most popular places stars turn to look younger is the Leaf MD Skincare facility in Beverly Hills. The treatment found here, you ask? Why, it is none other than a Vita-Infusion Facial. Oh yes, that's infusionas in an IV infused with vitamins that gets inserted into the veins by a real registered nurse. In the mean time, someone else is taking care of the skin. According owner Norman Leaf, patients there receive a nice glow, probably related to vasodilation. The vitamins also help, of course.

Another thing that celebrities think is among the best anti aging products is the Pellev radio frequency device. It serves to tighten the skin and is used by professionals like Ava Shamlan, assistant clinical professor of dermatology at UCLA, to give a quick skin boost to her clients. In addition, she also does what she calls power facialsa retinoid peel that exfoliates the skin, followed by a pulsed light that targets dark spots, then microdermabrasion, and finally the radio frequency on the face and neck.

Still another thing the stars rely on to stay looking younger, or should we say another person. Simon calls himself an electrical esthetician, and what he does is use electricity to do a variety of things for the skin. Her clients come away from his facials with glowing skin, little to know bacteria, healthier cells, and better lymphatic drainage. Simon says, My goal is to replicate the signal that the brain produces in deep delta sleepa frequency that initiates repair.

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