A component for having a good oxygenation

A component for having a good oxygenation is daily aerobic exercise. This floods your body with plenty of oxygen. I must say from my experience that exercising clarifies my thinking tremendously. I'm extremely happy I installed this habit.

Water-rich foods

The food you eat either clogs your blood vessels, or allows them to flow smoothly. The key for this is consuming lots of water rich foods. He describes the only three types of foods that fit to that category and poses a grilling question:

What have you eaten in the last 24 hours?

My list:

A cheese and tomatoe sandwich

A cup of watermelon

A glass of orange juice

A protein soymilkshake

A plate of rice and tomatoe

A fried egg

A 2 eggs mushroom omelet

That's it! Oh, and plenty of water.

Wow. This is very enlightening. I remember my list a few years ago had NOTHING to do with this one. It's far from perfect, but it's pretty darned good compared to we're I was! Most of my meals we're thick dense foods. My energy was indeed extremely unstable and low to put it mildly. My last 24 hours have been full of energy. It was hard to get up for some reason, but once up I have been crushing it non-stop.

I now feel even more inclined to follow through on the breathing advice. Althouhg I've only followed his food advice to a certain extent I can vouch for the theory that the more fresh and water content your food has, the more energy you will have to burn.

The 70% solution

Make 70% of your food intake water-rich content foods, or more!

How? You can get there easily by

    • Having a salad with every meal


    • Making fruit your snack instead of a candy bar

Definitely this is a major area of your life to take care of. Is it sound advice?

I say try it.

And judge for yourself.

I'm taking the breathing advice onboard for the next 10 days!

For every disciplined effort, there is a multiple reward.


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