21 Day Fix Week 1 Done

Well week one is in the books, I decided to write about it on a weekly basis versus everyday. I guess I figured what I eat is so monotonous that my blog would get boring LOL! Anyway- this week has been a learning experience. Many of you know that I have severe hypothyroid as well as the super fun PCOS. With PCOS you have to follow a low carb diet if you want to lose weight.PERIOD. It's beyond frustrating but these are the cards I was dealt and I'm bound to beat them.

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Well I followed the 21 Day Fix meal plan almost to the T this week. I did have a hard time getting in all my yellows & purples (carbs & fruit) because I'm not used to eating them. By Friday I had no problem at all! I forgot how much I loved tortillas in coconut oil #YUM -yes that deserved a hashtag Anyway, I dug in super excited to start this new journey- the Fix. I'm going on Beachbody's success club cruise in a month and I"m so excited to get portion control down.

Well, I gained 4lbs. BEFORE YOU FREAK OUT- anytime you add anything new into your body that it's not used toyour body will freak a bit. Since I have PCOS and need fewer carbs I'm going to have to tweak the Fix for it to Fix me I'm going to be trading my yellow containers -the carbs, the yummy sweet potatoes and my beloved tortillas for more green containers->veggies. I'm also going to be trading my purple containers for more healthy fats like raw nuts, seeds, coconut oil and nut butter. We shall see how my body responds to this difference. On the other hand my challengers are KILLING IT! The majority of my group of 50 has lost at least 5lbs and lots of inches!! I will say I am really enjoying all the workouts. I don't get sore often and I've been sore ALL week! I know it's working and I'm excited to see where I end up in a month! Wish me luck!

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