The tools I use for a shampoo-less life

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Thanks to everyone who commented and sent me email about the 'no poo method of hair care. I received feedback saying people had been thinking of washing their hair with these ingredients for some time and we're encouraged to try it after reading my post.

Of course after it is all written and published I find myself saying in conversations "I should have mentioned that".

I will mention them now.

Obviously hair is different and it may take a while to adjust to this method of hair care. From memory it was not as though my hair was instantly a knock out with friends and admirers peppering me with words of adoration nor was it the opposite where someone said "wow you hair looks.interesting". It takes a while to let go of the sudsy clean feel of commercial shampoo and embrace a new way .

I did read about people graduating to 'no poo by using shampoo one time then 'no poo ingredients the next. Trial and error then success is the way to go.

It occurred to me that it might have been good to share what the two ingredients do to and for your hair.

Well that depends where you get your information.

My research on apple cider vinegar and hair washing, which I have done several times over the past few years, turned up many different answers including "it makes your hair soft and shinny (sic)" on one website. Frequently articles start with "My hair is thick and curly" or "My hair is greasy and dull" further emphasising the point that these ingredients have different effects depending on the hair in question.

In pursuit of the answer I found myself reading an article or two before getting sucked into the opposing comments and then the snarky comments. Before I know it the comments on such a benign topic as apple cider vinegar gets all personal and I am shaking my head at "dave from cleveland" for saying that "mk32? is a moron for using white vinegar in her hair. I mean who is he to judge, looking at his thumbnail avatar he appears bald anyway.

I still do not have the answer but my foot is asleep.

It seems that the vinegar has a positive effect on the ph ( or is it Ph?) in your hair and the bicarb is a scalp exfoliant and cleaner. I see words like "clarifying" and "alkalizing" associated with the 'no poo ingredients. I found a fairly decent description about one woman's experience ( note she starts with the description of her hair in the first sentence) with this method and there are many more available if you search.

Let me know if you do give this method of hair care a try and how it all turns out for you. Feel free to ask any questions about what I have learned.

Due to unusual circumstances in my week ( I went grocery shopping a day early) I do not have a picture of my Friday fridge. I can tell you I had no fridge waste at all despite it being fairly full of vegetables including some what is known as silver beet here ( aka English Spinach or Chard) which was a welcome gift this week. It is spring here in Australia and the bounty ( including ours) is starting.

There was waste however * hanging head in shame.


Last week I declared the fruit in my fruit bowl was being used up and juiced. When I found a half rotten lemon at the bottom of the fruit bowl I realised that I have not been recycling my fruit which clearly increases chances of unnecessary waste. Not to mention correct storage of cut fruit which would have a better chance of a long life in the fridge. I read at Simply Being Mum recently that storing lemons in a glass jar in the fridge keeps them longer.

If the more appealing, fresh fruit is on top then who wants the sad lowly fruit from last week? Actually I do look for that fruit when juicing but still, no excuses, time to give the fruit bowl a once over after shopping every week.

Thanks for stopping by and keep shining . Have a brilliant week.

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Sources For This Article - You always help me break it down and make the writing better than it was 🙂

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