Mini-meals May Be Adding Fat!

While this is just one recent study showing no advantages to this constant snacking we have been hearing about for years, it's not the only one. There have been numerous studies from all corners of the globe pointing to the same bottom line, it is not natural for humans to constantly be eating. Lets think about this from an evolutionary standpoint, do you believe that our ancestors for the last thousand years have had the ability to have a snack at their desk every few hours? If snacking all day long was really the best way to curb your appetite, lose that last bit of belly fat, and get in tip top shape, don't you think our military would be handing out snacks on their 50 mile marches?

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With all that being said it may be time to ditch the snacking and instead focusing on having 2-3 nutrient rich, satiating meals that will allow you to continue on with your day. Ideally each meal is 3-6 hours apart and is part of a healthy balanced diet. Lets be honest, most of those snacks aren't very nutritious anyway (Im looking at you granola bars).

So next time you're in the office reaching for that 10am snack, reconsider. It may be what's stopping you from having that body you're working towards.

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