Tora Coastal Walk

During the walk, I went through the "why" stage of processing this third-time cancer diagnosis, knowing full well it is a question that cannot be answered. I connected with one of the British ladies who lost her seventeen-year old daughter (only child) in a car accident four years ago. Her sorrow is still very raw. But she and her husband have started a new life in New Zealand, which has opened their lives in many ways. She has a quiet wisdom and some of her peace flowed into my heart.We can't be certain of anything. There is no answer to why or what if there is just the great gift of each day.

Life just is: having cancer is beyond my control. All I can control is my response to the cancer.

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Tomorrow, I will undergo surgery with all the attendant risks. I know what I'm facing and it's not easybut maintaining a positive attitude works wonders for me. I am afraid of many things but remind myself that right now, I'm ok and my fear dissipates. In hospital I expect to have pain and be weak. I'll feel vulnerable and angry once in a while too. There will even be humerous times and intimate moments of bonding with caregivers, Ed, friends, family. I've learned from my two previous operations that pain means the body is healing; it means life. Pain has a positive side.

I know I have done everything I can. The shock has been absorbed; it is time for endurance, acceptance, and letting go. Now I'm in the doctor's and God's hands.

When I come out of that anesthetic, I'll get back on my feet and do my best to get better, and this time I know slowly is faster. In my mind, I envision a full recovery from surgery through the next two weeks of intensive healing and beyond.

I have many great memories to draw on from the hike and the trip being in New Zealand was good for my soul. It gave me confidence and made me realize I really am in good shape. Having Ed as my partner and knowing that so many people care sustains me. I feel connected and loved. I'm as ready as I'll ever be.

Tora Coastal Walk

Lambs grazing on golden hillsides, in green hallows

Abalone shells on volcanic black sand

Yellow-brown limestone, gray bedrock, leather seaweed

Wind gusts blowing sea spray off pounding waves

Long white clouds against the blue sky

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