Start Your Dental Practice Off Right by Affiliating with a Dental Organization

Owning and/or operating a dental practice has the potential to be a challenging endeavor. It involves an immense amount of work and dedication – not just to your patients, but also to your employees, insurance providers, and your community.

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While creating beautiful and healthy smiles is a highly rewarding task, it is easy to find yourself getting caught up in the midst of a chaotic environment that includes completing paperwork, performing management tasks, coding for billing purposes, and basic managerial responsibilities – such as payroll, scheduling, and other administrative tasks.

By affiliating with a dental organization, you can quickly transition your focus to that which really matters – your personal and professional growth, the science and craft of your career, and your patients.

What is a Dental Organization?

A dental organization is a distinguished system of professionals that specialize in a vast array of tasks and responsibilities so that the dental professionals in which they work are capable of placing their attention and their focus on their career and their patients.

It is a system that helps dental professionals achieve a unique balance between their work, their patients, and their lives. A dental organization specializes in providing dental professionals with the information, resources, tools, and help that they need to achieve the highest level of success in their career and to ensure optimal success in their practice.

The Benefits

There are many advantages of affiliating with a dental organization. Your practice will enjoy access to professional resources, scientific-based resources, continuing training and education, unique management tools, materials for patients, tools for your dental practice, administrative assistance, non-clinical assistance services, a comprehensive support system, and a network of esteemed colleagues to support you and your mission as a dental care provider.

By starting the year off with a dental organization, you are placing yourself and your practice in a position to become well-rounded, highly respected, and immensely successful.

American Dental of Georgia

We here at American Dental of Georgia are a dental organization that strives to ensure each of our client practices have the support and services that they need to achieve the highest level of success.

Our organization exceeds that of a typical dental network membership; we strive to collaborate and establish a highly professional partnership that is designed to increase your revenue, grow your practice, and allow you and your dental team to reach new heights with patients and your community. Our focus and our drive are your success and the satisfaction of your patients.

Start Today

Now that the New Year is upon us and you are aware of the advantages of affiliating with American Dental of Georgia, it is time to get started. By joining our network today, you will become part of a dental organization with many dental practitioners that are capable of offering the broadest level of dental services and procedures to patients.

We handle the administrative and management tasks so that your focus can be on your patients. For more information or to immediately start your service with our organization, call us today at: 478-721-1300

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