The Benefits of Using a Dental Service Organization (DSO) with Your Practice

Dental Service Organization GeorgiaThe operations associated with dental practices across the nation are evolving at a rapid rate; however, many practitioners are still practicing under traditional models.

Due to the rapid influx of new challenges many practices find themselves unable to meet the demands of those challenges.

A Dental Service Organization (DSO) offers the support, tools, and resources to assist practitioners with these demands.

Examples of these challenges include advancements in technology, heightened expenses, legal rules, regulations enforced by the government, and others that are similar in nature.

High Levels of Support for Dental Practices

Dental practitioners are typically able to perform their work with ease; however, dealing with the various other aspects of their practice – such as the administrative tasks – are time-consuming and difficult. These include accounting, ensuring compliance, and human resources.

Dental Service Organizations, on the other hand, are not only equipped to offer this level of support, they are also efficient in negotiating on the supplies needed for the practice, performing marketing, handling the Internet Technology that serves as the electronic backbone of the practice, recruiting personnel, and even real estate.

If you need a high level of support for your practice, you need to collaborate with a Dental Service Organization.

Ensuring Compliance

Ensuring compliance is difficult for dental practices. Dental Service Organizations help in ensuring that a practice is within regulation. Dental offices have to be in compliance with government laws and regulations, HIPAA, OSHA, AED training, local laws, etc.….

The DSOs are designed to take a lot off of a practice. They keep track of the laws, rules, and regulations that must be met in order to continue operations. This is one of the main advantages associated with working with a Dental Service Organization.

Technological Updates

Technology has rapidly evolved and it is now being integrated into dental practices at a faster rate than ever before. Unfortunately, it is often very difficult and expensive to purchase the most advanced equipment. As a result, practices are unable to meet patient demands and needs.

If a practice collaborates with Dental Service Organizations, they can assist in transitioning them into a state-of-the-art facility. This is due to the fact that DSOs have monetary resources and capital resources to pay for the purchase and installation of the equipment.

Additionally, they are capable of purchasing the equipment at highly discounted rates; whereas, dental practices are rarely able to get these same discounts. This is a huge advantage of working with a Dental Service Organization.

In Conclusion

Dental Service Organizations (DSOs) are more than just a good concept; they are a necessity to today’s dental practices. They provide all of the support required so that practitioners may place an emphasis where it needs to be – on their patients.

If you have yet to collaborate with a Dental Service Organization, now is the time. We here at American Dental of Georgia provide dental services that will optimize the overall success of your practice.

If you are ready to set a new pace and make your practice the very best, visit us today:

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