The Top 3 Challenges Experienced by Today’s Dental Practices

Dental Service Organization GeorgiaThe dental profession is consistently experiencing changes, improvements, and new levels of innovation.

It is a fast-paced career that requires a heightened awareness to detail, precision, and optimal skills in communication, empathy, and team work.

Today’s dental practices are in continuous competition for patients, experience holes in their schedules, and suffer from bouts of low productivity.

More than ever before, dental practices need a change.

They need to utilize the best business strategies and skills to not only survive within their profession, but to thrive.

In this brief guide, you will learn about the top 3 challenges faced by dental practices and the one 

Challenge #1: The Acquisition of New Patients

The single biggest challenge facing today’s dental practices is acquiring new patients. Patients result in the growth of a business. Unfortunately, the market is highly competitive.

Dental practices that attempt to attract new patients on their own face the biggest challenges. This is especially true in the State of Georgia. A lot goes into attracting patients into a practice. The team must advertise, offer incentives, and a multitude of services.

Unfortunately, they often lack the support and resources that they need to succeed in this endeavor. There is one solution to overcome this challenge. That is, to partner with a dental service organization.

Challenge #2: Increasing Annual Revenue

The next challenge facing today’s dental practices is the inability to raise annual revenue. In order to increase profits, patient levels must be increased. In order to increase the number of patients served, money must be spent.

By all accounts, it is a “catch 22.” If new patients are acquired, it often results in rushed service which puts patients in a position where they are unable to spend the amount of time that they need to spend with patients.

This could, ultimately, lead to less patients. There is one area where focus could be placed that could increase the number of patients in a practice and that is having a high level of efficiency when it comes to operations. This leads us to the next challenge.

Challenge #3: Obtaining the Equipment and Technology Required to be Competitive

Dental equipment, technology, and regular upgrades is the core of success for today’s dental practices. Unfortunately, most practices do not have the funding available to get the equipment and harness the technology required to be efficient.

Patients today are highly diverse. They demand an expansive level of services. Furthermore, with the integration of electronic medical records, practices need specialized equipment and technology more now than ever before.

In Conclusion

Acquiring new patients, increasing annual revenue, and the need for equipment and technology are the biggest challenges faced by today’s dental practices. Unfortunately, all of these issues are dependent upon one another for success.

The best way to ensure that these issues are not negatively impacting your practice is to opt to join a dental service organization in Georgia. These will provide you with the support and resources that you need to reach the level of success that you desire.

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